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Event Recap: The Bois et Couleur Collection Launch Party and Pop-Up Showroom

Joanne Lee

We have officially launched the Bois et Couleur collection and it is now available for sale on our site. Check out these photos from our pop-up showroom and the launch party that we hosted.

We cannot even begin to imagine our pop-up without a large shout out to our friends and BDC neighbors who helped us furnish and accessorize the showroom. All the art pieces are from Masterpiece Fine Art Gallery, a neighbor at BDC. And all the gorgeous farmhouse dining tables as well as the navy rug are from A Curated World by Kay McGowan based out in Somerville, MA. While the stunning gray rug is from J.D. Staron, another one of our BDC neighbors. 

Thank you all for coming out and celebrating with us.

The Making of the Bois et Couleur Collection Part 1 - The Planning and Drawing Phase

Joanne Lee

Ever wonder what goes into the making of a furniture collection? Well here is your chance to find out more. We had a wonderful time launching our first capsule collaboration with Barbara Elza Hirsch of Elza B. Design, Inc. She was such a pleasure to work with and here is a behind the scenes look at how the collection was put together from drawings on a page all the way to a pop-up showroom at the Boston Design Center. 

We were introduced to Barbara by a mutual interior designer friend and we all were very excited to jump on this venture together. At our initial meeting back in the fall of 2016, Barbara showed us her mood board, which she used to inspire her collection with us. We were looking to create a capsule collection with her that complemented our current product offering while bringing in more transitional lines. We were all in agreement also that we wanted items that could be used in varying areas of the home rather than having them designed just for one type of room. We left the meeting very excited about this new opportunity. 

Slices of the mood board below!

A second meeting then occurred after Thanksgiving, where Barbara showed us drawings of the possible items we could feature in the collection. Together with Barbara, we parsed through the options and decided on half the collection. We all decided that we needed to tweak a few of the other pieces she drew so as to keep in line with the the vision we originally discussed. 

Some subsequent sketches after the initial drawings!

Click on this link for Part 2 of the Making of the Bois et Couleur Collection - Production and Revisions.

Event Recap: Designing a Furniture Collection with Dowel Furniture – A Q&A with Barbara Elza Hirsch of Elza B. Design

Joanne Lee

What a great turnout for an amazing evening of discovery for all! We certainly had an excellent time meeting everyone who came out to learn more about what went into designing the Bois et Couleur Collection by Dowel Furniture and Elza B. Design. Thank you all for attending and we can't wait to show you the full collection launching on May 31, 2017 at our pop-up showroom at the Boston Design Center - Suite 329. Please RSVP HERE to our launch party luncheon!

For a quick recap on how the collection came together, check out our video below on the making of the Bois et Couleur collection. 

Video produced by Marcie Giannattasio of WeBo Media

We also shared a sneak peek of the Bois et Couleur collection at our pop-up! Meet the Frenchie (top row) and the Parisienne (bottom row). Photography by: Ben Gebo

And here are some fun shots of the presentation - our CEO, Ray Hallare, with Bois et Couleur designer Barbara Elza Hirsch of Elza B. Design, Inc. showing some of our favorite moments we had as a team working on this collection together. 


Stay tuned for more on the Bois et Couleur collection launch!