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Joanne Lee


MCGK Woodworks has been making furniture for over 25 years to date in the tropical islands of the Philippines. The Filipino people have always been well known for their work ethic, their sunny dispositions and their expertise with handicrafts. MCGK is an embodiment of the Filipino culture; a company focused on quality, relationships, education and community. Still continuing to supply their very first buyer from the 80's and keeping a good relationship with them for over 26 years is not only a testament to their high quality furniture but also to their commitment to fostering long term relationships with their customers. 

Their employees have been with them on average twenty years and over that time have honed their craft with the company and have become expertly trained in the art of furniture making. According to Mr. Hallare, some people may think that furniture making is easy but it is one of the hardest things to do; not only is it very difficult to develop enough expertise to make high quality furniture but the industry continues to change each year, which requires MCGK to always keep up to date with the most current trends in products and manufacturing. 


Mr. Hallare started this company from the ground up at around the same time he had his first child. He considers this company to be part of his family, his proverbial third child, and treats his employees as such. He cares a lot about them, their families and the communities they live in. His goals in life and for the company are in tune in that he believes in helping people where he can and as much as he can.