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One Way to Instantly Give Your Home that "Designed" Look

Joanne Lee

Today, we were inspired by Apartment Therapy's post about One Foolproof Way to Instantly Perk Up Any RoomThe article talks about adding a single piece of CONTRASTING STYLE to add some wow to any room that still seems a bit blah. We wanted to take it even further and go so far as to say that by layering a different style, you are able to round out any room and get on the path to giving it that designed by an interior designer look. Seems impossible? Check out the below photos and our tips on how to make it work in your own home. 

A Modern Dining Room with some Updated Traditional Chairs

Check out this ultra modern Saarinen dining table contrasted against these traditional Chinese chippendale dining chairs combined with the minimalist chandelier. One tip - the table and chairs work well as contrasting styles because the color palette of both the table and the chairs are white/neutral and the color is what brings them together. (Image via Domino)

Some traditional chairs with flair that would contrast perfectly with a more modern dining table:


If you actually search for ghost chairs and traditional writing desks, you will see so many combinations of the above photo that it will blow your mind. It's such an easy way to make a statement anywhere in your home and goes such a long way to giving your space that wow factor. Notes on this: You can find great deals on gently used traditional writing tables in flea markets, craigslist and even on other marketplaces online! For modern chairs like the one in the photo, you will be surprised to know with a quick google search of ghost chairs that reproductions average around $100 (even for a pair!) (Image via Apartment Therapy)


In this photo, we flip it around on you again, and show an example of a traditional chair with a modern desk. The Chinese chippendale chair, which we saw in the first dining room photo is such a versatile piece that can be used anywhere in the home, whether you have a modern, retro, or traditional style. It just works everywhere. Here, especially, the traditional finish of the chair ties in really well with the wooden lamp on the modern desk. It does not look out of place, as yet again, the color palette is neutral and matches an accessory in the area. One more tip here is - if you cannot match the color palette of the chair to the table (like the first dining photo) - go for an accessory that ties it all together (like the lamp!) (Image via AphroChic on About Home)

Some classy traditional writing desk chairs to pair with a clean lined modern desk:


So, need we convince you more about the powers of adding one contrasting style to your home?! Well, if you needed that last bit of convincing evidence, here you go! Doesn't this gorgeous traditional sofa just pop against the modern lamp/art/coffee table in the space? It looks so extraordinary and really makes you think that no average non-design person could have thought to do this? Well, now you know too! (Image via Style me Pretty)

So, maybe make this into a weekend project of your own and try it out! Add some contemporary art, maybe a traditional accent chair or even just one small thing that could change the look of your entire space. If your home is more traditional, go out and shop at some modern home stores like BoConcepts, Design within Reach, or even CB2! If you have a modern home, go visit some flea markets, raid your parents/grandparents homes, also don't forget to check out our awesome traditional/transitional chairs on DOWEL.