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Joanne Lee

Hi everyone, welcome to our blog! We, here at Dowel, wanted to create a a place to help you navigate the wide wide world of furniture and also a place for you to get to know us a bit more - who we are, what we care about, things we find funny and useful things that we think could help you too!

We care a lot about high quality work and making sure that every piece we make is something we are proud of and can stand the test of time. We love sharing our thoughts on topics ranging from craftsmanship, a behind the scenes look at great furniture making and even things or people that inspire us in making products that are built to last. 

We know that even before the furniture shopping can happen, most people are worried about looking for a new home, moving all their stuff and how to make this new place feel homier. We know it's tough and we are here to help you figure it out. We absolutely love giving out tips on moving as we know how crazy the moving process can be. We have gathered a ton of ways to make moving easier that can be used by anyone living anywhere, which we cannot wait to share with you like how we create a floor plan, how we shop for all sorts of furniture, and just the whole process on how to make a new place feel like a home. 

We would love to hear from all of you and welcome all your comments and suggestions on what types of information you would like to read more about on the blog. 

Thanks for reading!