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The Chair Quality Series: Corner Blocks - What are they and why do they matter to me?

Joanne Lee

 Corner blocks are there to support the chair and also to support you over time!

Corner blocks are there to support the chair and also to support you over time!

Welcome to the Quality Series! We, here at Dowel, hope that we can help you find a high quality chair at a good price. We know that there are so many options out there, so many different choices that you can make when it comes to buying a chair or really even any piece of furniture, that most of the time, it feels overwhelming. In the Quality Series, we want to break down for you what makes high quality furniture so that you can go out on your own with confidence knowing what to look for and feeling sure that you have made a good purchase.

Chairs get knocked over, stood on, balanced on their back legs, they take a lot of abuse in the household and if they are not constructed well, they may even cause injury. For the first part of our quality series, we want to tell you about the corner blocks - the bread & butter of chair sturdiness & durability. Corner blocks are used at stress points of the chair to support the seat as well as the entire chair. 

Think of the corner block as the chair's hips! Hip strength is so underrated but truly is one of the most important parts of our body that keep us standing. There are four corner blocks around the seat of the chair. They keep the joints together and give them extra support over time. When shopping for a chair, take a look under the hood, literally! The great thing about wooden chairs is that you see each part of what keeps it together. Unlike a sofa which is largely covered up, you can check out each part of a chair. They should look sturdy and properly attached. Try and grip them to see if they wobble around or don't look like they were attached properly. 

Next time you go chair shopping, we hope that knowing what to look for in terms of construction will help you make better choices. We will continue to give easy to follow explanations on what to look for in terms of good chair construction, and at the very end of the chair quality series, we will provide a short video on how to go and test a wooden chair at the store! Best of luck chair shoppers and go forth!