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Designer Profile Series: Cecilia Walker

Joanne Lee

Cecilia Walker is a Boston-based interior designer and textile designer. Growing up with an interior designer mother and mentor strongly influenced the path she took to her current field today. She originally graduated with a B.A. in Art History and Economics from Boston College. And after two-years working for a publishing company, Cecilia then spent over twelve years in the fashion industry. She decided to take a leap of faith, leaving the fashion industry and fulfilling a dream more true to her core of textile design. 

 Cecilia Walker in her Boston studio (Photo by: Mike Casey -  CASEY PHOTOGRAPHY )

Cecilia Walker in her Boston studio (Photo by: Mike Casey - CASEY PHOTOGRAPHY)

Getting to know Cecilia...

Favorite dowel chair in the collection

The Bea chair is my favorite in the collection (in the grey finish - coming soon) in one of my hand printed fabrics. I love the distinct circular seat back and the clean lines of the frame, but with the slight curvature in the arms. My favorite detail is the curved apron on the front of the seat. 

Favorite chair in her home

Last year I bought an upholstered club chair from Kravet called the Curry chair and it's my favorite chair in my home because of it's clean-lined, thin tuxedo arms and timeless style. 

Best interior design advice she’s ever heard

My mom (an interior designer and my mentor) always advised me to "Buy the most expensive sofa you can afford." (And only eight-way hand-tied construction.) When I was buying a sofa for my first home, she insisted that I stay away from retail furniture stores and order a custom eight-way hand tied sofa. I did, and it's one of the best constructed pieces in my third home today. She has a pair of Henredon loveseats in her home that she's had for over 45 years - reupholstered only once, that are extremely comfortable and still look new. Because they are vintage, the scale is unique. I want them, and they'll probably last another 45 years.

Favorite item that showcases timeless design

Knoll Barcelona chair and Lindsay Adelman Branching chandelier (both on my want list)

Furniture + family story 

A couple of years ago, I scored a pair of Mid-Century Baker round side tables. The design is so cool -- I love them, although when vintage shopping, condition is key. These had a burled-veneer top that was cracked and peeling in a few places, but I had visions of stripping them down and re-staining. A DIY-er I am not, so instead of storing, they were placed in my family room regardless of their not-so-perfect condition. As a result of their placement, my younger kids have built Lego houses on top of my "precious" vintage tables, or used them to draw and color on top of... and it's easier to let go and actually let them use them, instead of having them as showcase pieces. Again, a testament to quality. Buy well and it lasts well, but buy within your budget. Dowel Furniture allows you to do this!