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Announcement: our first collaboration with Cecilia Walker Design is now available

Joanne Lee

Cecilia Walker of Cecilia Walker Designs (Photo by: Mike Casey - CASEY PHOTOGRAPHY)

Intro + About the Collection:

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Boston-based interior designer and textile designer, Cecilia Walker. We are currently offering her fabrics alongside our customizable chairs, which are all made to order using any of the finishes we have available and matching them with any of her fabrics. See the collection NOW.

Partnering with Cecilia

We are extremely excited to partner with Cecilia Walker not only because of her impeccable design aesthetic but largely because as a company, we strongly resonate with her core values and design philosophy. At our core, we are big believers of family values and embracing our roots. And upon meeting Cecilia and hearing about her inspiration for fabric design stemming for her mother as an interior designer who pushed her to follow her dreams to how her childhood memories ultimately influenced her initial fabric patterns, we knew we had found a great partner to work with! 

Her philosophy as an interior designer focuses on providing clients a timeless style with furnishings made to last also perfectly complements the value we want to provide our customers as a company and what we want people to think of when they first hear of Dowel Furniture. Her knack for creating a lifestyle that promotes home and family also fully reflect our focus on family values as a company. Did you all know that each chair in our collection is named after an actual family member of ours? Yes, we have a ton of family and we can probably keep going.

 A few of Cecilia Walker's textile designs (Photo by: Mike Casey -  CASEY PHOTOGRAPHY )

A few of Cecilia Walker's textile designs (Photo by: Mike Casey - CASEY PHOTOGRAPHY)

The fabric themselves are a perfect combination of old and new - bridging her nostalgic childhood memories of skateboarding on half pipes surrounded by California palm trees and an edginess with clean-lined simplicity.

We absolutely love her and her textiles! We can’t wait to show you all what we have in store! See the collection NOW.

To learn more about Cecilia, check out her Dowel Designer profile and for even more info about her, what inspires her and her interior design portfolio, visit her website at