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Event Recap: Swatch Watch with MWI Fibershield Part 2

Joanne Lee

And here we continue going over the seminar hosted by MWI Fibershield on fabric protection and setting expectations on what fabric protection can realistically do for you and your clients. 

MWI Fibershield has become a team member in many interior design projects. They allow you and your client to make an educated decision with regards to fabric and help you by servicing your client should any accidents occur if they are based in the Greater Boston area. 

Understanding fabric composition is equally important as getting your fabric protected. Wayne below, goes into an example where a client wanted to get this white fabric cleaned which was composed of linen/cotton/viscose and although the pile did not change with wet cleaning, there was a very distinct cellulose change due to the fabric composition which made it a highly sensitive fabric to water. It caused a discoloration in the material. 

So, now your probably want to know what fabrics can you really use that would be great for fabric protection and will actually hold up to wet cleaning afterwards. In our Q&A after the seminar, one of the audience members raised this question as well and Wayne goes over certain fabrics in the video below that are more durable and hold up well with fabric protection and wet cleaning. 

Another burning question that came up during Q&A was whether or not it's even necessary to protect fabrics that are already marketed as protected fabrics such as Sunbrella. Personally, Wayne really likes Sunbrella! He thinks it is extremely wet cleaning friendly and the materials it is composed of hold up really well and show minimal change when protected and wet cleaned. He gave an example of a client who purchased a white/tan sunbrella upholstered sofa. She had a dog that rubbed up against it a lot and within two weeks of owning it, it looked really dirty. She tried to get a damp cloth and clean the entire sofa herself but it wasn't getting any cleaner. MWI Fibershield came in and was able to restore the piece for her and protect it as well. 

The event was extremely informative and we are so excited to be able to partner with Wayne and MWI Fibershield in providing this service to our clients.